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Commercial Law

Every growing New York business faces issues that require the services of an experienced attorney. Stock-option

plans, employee negotiations, state and federal taxes and intellectual property rights, all require a corporate

lawyer experienced in representing start-ups and emerging companies.


The New York Laws that regulate businesses are both numerous and complicated. These regulations

can be difficult to interpret because they are written in legal language not common language to the general

public. An attorney with business law experience can help you get on the right track with your business

or company by educating you on the law and counseling you on your initial steps.


New York business and corporation law can be

complicated. The dangers of not understanding

and abiding by both New York and federal law can

be costly. If you are forming a New York

corporation, limited liability company or a partnership,

Port & Sava will be there to guide your every step of

the way. It is virtually impossible to give complex account

on all laws and loopholes that could affect the formation

and operation of an emerging company. There are a number of

legal issues which you must be aware.


The most common types of laws that may apply to your business include:

  • Business Formation Laws
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Contract Laws
  • Hiring Laws
  • Banking Laws
  • Qui Tam Litigation


Commercial litigation

Sadly we live in a very litigious society and ensuring you are properly

represented is paramount. At Port & Sava, we have close to 50 years of

combined experience both prosecuting and defending commercial cases

on behalf of many businesses to include large corporations and federal banks.

On behalf of these businesses, we have proven success at both the trial level

and appellate level to include the nationally renowned New York Court of Appeals.


Business Formation Laws

A variety of state laws govern the steps needed to properly form

and operate the kind of business entity you choose to form (partnership,

corporation or limited liability company, etc.). A knowledgeable lawyer

is your best resource in this challenging business environment.