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RE codes for the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard:

RE-1- Eligible for reenlistment.
RE-1A- Eligible for reenlistment.
RE-2- Ineligible for reenlistment. Recommended for renlistment but ineligible because of status: Fleet Reservist Retired (except for transfer to TDRL), Commissioned Officer. Warrant 0fficer, Midshipman, Cadet.
RE-3A- Failure to meet area aptitude prerequisites. Fully qunlified for enlistment, provided mental criteria of table 2-1 are met. Alien.
RE-3B- Restricted assignment. Parenthood. Pregnancy.
RE-3C- Reenlistment authorized by CMC only. Ineligible for enlistment, unless waiver is granted. Conscientious Objector.
RE-3D- Failure to meet disciplinary standards. Ineligible for enlistment, unless waiver is granted. Demonstrated dependency or hardship not meetinq criteria specified in Bupersman article C-10308.
RE-3E- Failure to meet education prerequisites. Fully qualified for enlistment provided education criteria is met. Erroneous induction.
RE-3F- Erroneous enlistment.
RE-3G- Condition (not physical disability) interfering with performance of duty.
RE-3H- Hardship
RE-3K- Disenrolled Irom Naval Academy, not considered qualified for enlisted status.
RE-3M- Marriage.
RE-3N- Importance to national health, safety or interest.
RE-3P- Physical disability (includes discharge and transfer to TDRL). Obesity. Motion sickness. Disqualified for officer candidate training.
RE-3R- Rank reappointment restriction. Ineligible for reenlist unless waivered
RE-3R- Professional growth criteria. Ineligible for reenlist unless waivered
RE-3S- Sole surviving son.
RE-3T- Overweight
RE-3U- Minority
RE-4- Not recommended for reenlistment